Jul 18 2020


2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Level Up! How to Use Roll20 to Play and Run Tabletop Games Online

Roll20 helps players and Game Masters from all over the world connect and play Tabletop Role-Playing Games. It can be intense learning all of the tools and tricks to run and play in a new program, but worth it when you build the best map, stories, and tools! Wow your friends with your new knowledge of Roll20! This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn the basics, and the confidence and ideas to use this software and learn more with friends and family as you run and play in your own Tabletop games!

A Zoom account is not required to “attend” this event which can be accessed via computer or telephone. Visit the Zoom help guide for more information on how to use the platform. For additional support, please see our online chat service.