Activities to do at home: Backyard Wildlife

This blog will feature simple activities that people of all ages can do easily at home to have fun learning.

Backyard Wildlife

Spending time outside is fun and healthy for the whole family, and is a great way to relieve stress, all while practicing safe physical distancing. Here are a few easy ideas for getting outside to observe and learn about the wildlife in your own backyard:

  • Create a simple nature journal using materials in your home or pages printed from the internet (here’s a tutorial, or have fun finding one you like on Pinterest), or decorate a purchased notebook with nature imagery. 
  • Each day this week, write down every bird, animal, and insect you see from your window, yard, and walks in your journal.
Tree Swallows nest in tree cavities.
Photo by David Hannigan, CPW.
  • Can you find any animal homes? Spider webs, bird nests, and water all qualify!
  • Sketch a flower, tree, bird, or animal you see in your nature journal.
  • Try to match a bird with its song.
  • Watch for animal tracks and scat. Look for wildlife nearby when you see these helpful signs.
  • Your public library has many resources about nature and getting outdoors for the whole family, including books, ebooks, field guides, documentaries, even backpacks with a state park pass, binoculars, and field guides! Visit your library’s website to find and reserve resources of interest to you, or ask the staff for recommendations.

Looking for more ways to explore nature?