Activities to do at home: Fun with reading

Feeling stuck at home? Get away with a great book! Reading is a great way to explore whatever interests you, and of course it’s great for all ages (including babies!). Here are some ideas to spice up your reading routine:

  • Go on a blind date with a book! Ask a friend to lend you a book of theirs that they think you’ll like, then try it out! Or, ask your librarian to provide you with a blind date book to check out. You may just find a new favorite!
  • If you usually read the same type of book or genre, try something outside of your norm! If you love mysteries, try a historical fiction novel, biography, or graphic novel. If you tend to reach for current events nonfiction titles, read a bestselling novel, science fiction short stories, or a wildlife magazine. You may discover a great new reading avenue!
  • Join a virtual book club; there are many possibilities right here in the Virtual Events Calendar to match your interests!
  • Read in different locations: under a tree in a park; in the bathtub; waiting in line; on public transportation; sitting back to back with a partner; in a tent; on a picnic; on a swing; etc. Same goes for audiobooks: listen to one while you exercise; walk or bike to work; work in the yard; clean your apartment; wash dishes; cook and bake; drive; take  public transportation; etc.
  • Read aloud! Reading to young children (starting with newborns!) is great to do every day to get kids ready to read when they reach kindergarten, but it’s fun and enriching for all ages! For reading aloud with older children, teens, and adults, try poetry, short stories, and articles. Discuss what you’re reading along the way. Use different voices for different characters, and add sound effects! During–and beyond!–the pandemic, loop family members into this activity virtually using Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or other live interactive tool.
  • Have a reading time at home when all members of your family read, either aloud or individually. 
  • Go to the library often! There’s a world of reading there for you, and all it takes is your library card. Ask your librarian for more ideas on having fun with reading!