Activities to do at home: Armchair Travel

Has the pandemic left you and your family feeling cooped up? You can still experience places near and far through armchair travel, which allows you to learn about places, cultures, history, food, and more in a meaningful manner. Armchair travel is great for all ages! Try one of these activities the next time you feel stuck at home:

  • Check out a book, magazine, or DVD travelogue from your local library about a place that interests you–or look on a map and choose a place you’ve never heard of!
  • Fictional books and movies are another great way to explore the world! Check out a movie or novel from your library that’s set in another country to experience a sense of its geography, people, and history.
  • Virtual tours are plentiful; visit national parks, museums, historic sites, zoos, archaeological sites, wildlife refuges, even towns and cities, all over the world! A quick browse on the internet for virtual tours of interest will bring the world to your screen.
  • Take in cultural events around the world–in your living room. Music concerts of all kinds, dance performances, theater, indie films, art galleries, opera, and more can be found online.
  • Be creative! Travel to another galaxy through science fiction or an astronomy documentary; go back in time through historical fiction or a period tv drama–or visit times yet to come through futuristic fiction; or explore a totally fictional world in a fantasy novel or film.
  • Plan your next trip! That way you’ll be all ready when you’re able to travel there.
  • Take up a new language! As language is a critical part of any culture, it’s a great way to better understand a culture. Your local library has resources to help you learn a language; ask what’s available.
  • Explore the cuisines of different countries. Try a wide variety of ethnic restaurants in your area; which do you like best? Or go for the DIY version: research and cook a meal(s) from a place you’d like to visit; find recipes online or in cookbooks available at your library. 
  • For some good R&R, put together a jigsaw puzzle or model of one of your favorite places, or spend some meditative time with a travel-themed coloring book.
  • Hone your travel photography skills in your own neighborhood! Practice photographing backyard wildlife, cityscapes (even if it’s your own street!), buildings, the night sky, people, landscapes in a nearby park, or whatever is close to you and strikes your interest. The same photography skills apply when you’re in a faraway place!